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With over 20 years of professional experience, we provide our customers with first-class products and services.



Our company was founded on 3 January 2000 as a small business by founder and co-owner is László Bujtor.

We have been on the rise ever since, and this success is due to our goal, that the satisfaction of our partners, whether customers or suppliers, is our top priority! Nothing shows this better than the fact that after almost 23 years, our partners are sticking with us and we are also making new contacts all over the country!

The beginnings -Getting started – Stanby generator maintenance and sales

Initially, our company was engaged in the scheduled maintenance and repair of existing standby generator sets already in operation. Later on, in response to requests from several customers, we started to sell new equipment, thanks to which we have an exclusive distributor relationship with the following foreign manufacturers: Italy: CGM ITALY, ENERGY Generator, Turkey: EMSA.

Continuous growth

Our company’s determination and perseverance is best demonstrated by the growth in market turnover over the past almost 7 years, where it has increased significantly in all cases compared to the previous year, even doubling in the first few years.

This growth has enabled us to introduce new service areas.

New site, production hall and manufacture of individual generators

It was a significant step when we moved to a new site in 2016, where we now manufacture custom-made generators in a 500nm2 production hall.

In addition to the manufacture of individual aggregators, we carry out mechanical and electrical repairs on the premises of the production hall, which cannot be carried out on the customer’s premises!

Service fleet

For maintenance tasks, we have set up a special fleet of service vehicles specially adapted to repair our products. Our service trucks are equipped with all the special tools and replacement parts needed, and some of our vehicles even have a workbench, so we can carry out almost any job on site.

0-24 on-call service

Every day, we work to provide security for our customers and ensure they have the power they need. To meet the needs of our growing customer base, another important step was the introduction of our 24/7 on-call service.

Alongside the on-call service, we maintain a fleet of rapid response service vans that can be dispatched quickly to any area of the country to attend to any faults as quickly as possible!

At the forefront of power generationn

We can confidently say that today we are one of the most qualified and highest quality power generator installation and maintenance companies in Hungary, capable of finding solutions to any power generation related request and challenge.

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the importance of reliability

Outstanding warranty

The secret to a long-term partnership is mutual satisfaction. That is why it is so important for us to provide our customers with appropriate guarantee conditions.

Machines purchased from us or installed by us are covered by a one-year full manufacturer’s warranty, plus a two-year warranty!

We fill in a warranty booklet for the purchased machine unit, in which we confirm the installation and delivery of the machine unit with the exact date! Please keep this booklet, as it will enable you to claim the warranty from the manufacturer!

Warranty terms

Below is the information about our warranty.

Terms and conditions:
  • Warranty faults discovered during operation: the Villgép 2000 Bt. undertakes to rectify faults resulting from faulty design, defective raw materials or manufacturing defects. The commitment does not apply if the defect is caused by the material provided by you or if it is the result of an unapproved aggregate installation design or construction carried out by you.
  • The warranty does not cover breakdowns due to accidental circumstances or natural disasters, repairs due to normal wear and tear or breakage of the equipment, or damage, defects or accidents due to negligence, failure to perform a warranty inspection by Villgép 2000 Bt. or failure to perform weekly maintenance by you. Our company cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by a defective part.
After warranty expires:
  • If the warranty period of the generator set installed by us or by another company has expired and you want to keep your generator set safe, we offer „Flat Rate Maintenance” which means that you don’t have to worry about the generator set failing or not starting, because our company will continue to take care of your generator set!

Why choose us?

Significant experience

We have been dealing with power generators for over 2 decades. As a result we have a level of expertise and experience  that very few others can match.

Full service

We deal with all areas of energy supply. Our services range from production of individual machines to installation, on-site service and rental as well.

Premium products

As with our services, we only use premium quality products and parts from recognised brands for the generators we distribute and hire.

24 hour service hotline

We maintain a continuous, 0-24-hour on-call service. So in the event of any power outage/problem, you can count on us to respond immediately.

Every client matters

We are happy to serve everyone, from private individuals to large-scale investments, with first-class quality and attention.

Reliable guarantee

We offer outstanding guarantees for both our products and our services.

Outstanding warranty

We offer outstanding warranty conditions and flat rate maintainance after warranty expired.

Spare parts

We are always prepared for the most common spare parts needs, but we can also provide a replacement power supply for installation and maintenance.

Service fleet

Our service vehicles are specially designed to repair our products, both in terms of specialised tools and replacement parts. In fact, some of our vehicles even have a repair table, so we can carry out almost any job on site.


reliability is key

Certified quality

Since the beginning, we have always strived for high quality. As an official partner of the world’s leading manufacturers, it’s only natural that our processes and operations are regulated.

We are proud to have ISO9001 and ISO45001 certifications to prove our excellence.

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