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VillGép2000 KFT

Our company was founded on January 3, 2000, as a small business, of which László Bujtor is the founder and co-owner. Since then, our company’s career has been rising up the ladder, and these successes are due to the fact that the satisfaction of our partners is the most important thing for us! Nothing shows this better, that after almost 19 years, our partners are sticking with us, and in addition to e-mail, we are also gaining new contacts all over the country!

Initially, our company dealt with the scheduled maintenance and repair of existing and commissioned standby power generators. Later, at the request of several customers, our company started selling new equipment, thanks to which we have an exclusive distributor relationship with the following foreign manufacturers: Italy: CGM ITALY, ENERGY Generator, Turkey: EMSA.

The determination and perseverance of our company is not better shown by the increase in market sales in the last 4 years, where our sales have doubled in all cases compared to the previous year.

In 2016, our company moved to a new site, where we currently manufacture custom-made power generators in a 500sqm production hall, and here we perform mechanical and electrical repairs that cannot be performed at the customer’s site!

Every day, we strive to create safety for our customers and provide them with the essential power supply, so we maintain a 0-24 hour watch and get out of any part of the country to take care of any faults as soon as possible!


First of all, thank you for your trust at Villgép 2000 Bt.

The manufacturer undertakes a one-year full warranty for the machines purchased from us or installed by us, in addition, our company has a two-year warranty!

We fill in the Warranty booklet about the purchased machine unit, in which we certify the commissioning and delivery of the machine unit with an exact date! Please keep this booklet, as this will invalidate the warranty to the manufacturer at a later date.


Warranty defects discovered during operation: Villgép 2000 Bt. Undertakes the elimination of malfunctions resulting from faulty design, raw material defects or manufacturing defects, and the correction of defects. The undertaking does not apply if the defect arises from the material provided by you or if it results from an unapproved aggregate installation design or construction carried out by you. The warranty does not cover failures due to accidental conditions or natural disasters, repairs due to normal wear and tear of the equipment, or damage, errors or accidents due to negligence, warranty inspection of Villgép 2000 Bt., Or failure to perform weekly maintenance.
Our company cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by a defective part.

After the warranty expires:

If the warranty period of the machine unit we have installed or installed by another company has expired and you want to know your machine unit safely, we undertake the “Flat Rate Maintenance” of the power generator, which means that you don’t have to worry about !


VillGép 2000 Bt.

Address: 2030 Érd, Vincellér utca 68/a
Location:2049 Diósd, Gyár utca 2.
Mailing address: 2049 Diósd, Mailbox.:173
Tax Number: 20606141-2-13

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