Special Transporter Generating Sets




Special diesel engine generators, for trucks, or any kind of extreme environment!

We recommend this type of generators for environments, where resistance important for extreme weather conditions. We ship this insulated generators without battery or fuel tank because the trucks are equipped with every necessary requirements to install the generators, this leads to less weight to carry. If needed we can provide zinc, galvanized or incorrodible insulations as well. Each modell meet for the IP23 standards. Remote control and engine control electronic system right out of the box.

We sell from 5 to 20 kVA models, with Lombardini or Perkins engines as needed.

Lombardini diesel engine generators

When you need to install an electric power generator on transport vehicles as vans, trucks, emergency vehicles and other types, special transporter electric generators are the best solution, as they are ideal in small spaces. In fact, these machines are compact, silent and reliable, as they guarantee the distribution of continuous electric current.


Special transporter electric generators are made by Energy without a tank and battery, because they use the vehicle’s. The muffler and electric panel are supplied separately to facilitate special applications. As other generators, these ones also have soundproof canopies, are customised upon request and made of stainless steel.
Following, you will find tables with the technical specifications of these items.

ModelContinous [kVA]Continous [kW]Stand-by [kVA]Stand-by[kW]MotorCYL.Mére t[cm]Súly [kg]