Tractor Coupling Generating Sets




Tractor generators agricultural tractor propulsion, cardan shaft propulsion.

Tractor (PTO) driven generators for agricultural, fishing and other power supply tasks.

Our company deals with the distribution and production of power generating aggregators. In the agricultural field, our company sells in large numbers 3000/1500 rpm generators 360-440 rpm tractor-driven factory-fitted gear units.

Thanks to only Italian gears, and also Italian generators, the perfect price is coupled with perfect quality!

Because the high price of high-power generators is determined by the diesel engine that drives the machine unit, replacing the engine results in significant cost savings.

In this way, the backup electricity supply can be ensured with a favorable investment.

Our company offers tractor-driven generators with power between 5kVA and 130kVA.

The generator unit is equipped with overload protection, voltmeter and frequency meter.

With 2-pole winding / 3000 rpm
With 4-pole winding / 1500 rpm

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