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Why important?

What are generators for?

Generators have a very wide range of uses, but they are most often used for 2 reasons:

  • to provide power in locations where electricity is not otherwise available, and
  • they provide a back-up source of power where electricity is available but where its failure or interruption would result in a significant human, financial or business risk.

For generators, too, the purpose and location of use is a key determinant of who needs what.

Providing energy

Why are they so important?

Because today’s modern world is so dependent on electricity. Without it, work, human and animal life is at risk, and sometimes extreme material damage can occur.

That is why the role of generators is huge and is expected to grow in the future, especially with the increasing load on the grid.

At the same time, the technology associated with generators is also evolving significantly. Nowadays, generators can detect immediately if there is a power outage or blackout, or even a voltage fluctuation, due to a network fault. In this case, they automatically switch on to serve the consumers in the system.

Generators can be complemented by uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which, in addition to the possible loss of power due to a power failure, are designed to bridge the ramp-up time of the aggregator, which in some environments cannot accommodate a power failure of even 20-30 seconds.

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Why are generators useful?

Continuous operation

By supplying electricity, they provide the possibility of continuous operation, i.e. no lost time due to power shortages.

No other device is destroyed

For many devices or activities, in the event of a power failure, other devices or assets will be destroyed (e.g. not properly cooled), making a continuous supply of electricity crucial.

Human lives may depend on it

Power cuts are particularly unacceptable in healthcare facilities, where vital life-saving equipment (e.g. ventilators) must be kept running. A few minutes of power failure can claim lives, which is unacceptable.

No data loss

In many cases, uninterrupted power supply is critical because even a brief power outage can result in the loss of very important data and workflows, which would be extremely costly.

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What do you need?

Each area of use has different needs and expectations. When choosing a generator, you should consider the following aspects in particular

  • What is the energy demand?
  • In what location does the device need to operate?
  • Will the aggregator be used outdoors or indoors?
  • Do you need a generator as a primary or secondary source of power (i.e. does the generator itself provide the electricity or is there other power and is it needed for safety?)
  • Is it a continuous or intermittent operation?
  • Does it need to be portable?
  • Is remote monitoring required?

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Looking for a power generator? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Product categories

Product categories

reliability is important

Industrial generators

Power generating aggregators specifically designed for industrial size, to provide and support production, with high power output, designed for high electricity demand (from 10 kW to several megawatts). They are often custom-built, sometimes for extreme conditions.

Our company offers its partners an extremely wide range of industrial aggregators, including several brands as exclusive national agents.

reliability is important

Professional generators

Their power output ranges from a few kW to a few hundred kW, helping to ensure a continuous supply of energy to the site.

reliability is important

Hobby generators

Specially designed small hobby size generator sets, primarily for temporary use. They are mainly recommended for small jobs in the construction industry or for one-off, intermittent tasks.

Both 1-phase and 3-phase versions are available.

reliability is important

Tractor generator (with TLT drive)

There is also a significant need for aggregators in agriculture, but in many cases it is not possible to buy a complete generator.

Tractor generators offer a cost-effective solution to this problem, as they can replace the diesel engine of the generator set, which is one of the most expensive components of a generator.

Tractor gensets can be used in both 1 and 3 phase configurations.

reliability is important

Welding-current generators

Welding generators are excellent for use in construction and maintenance companies. They are compact, lightweight machines with considerable electrical and welding power. The machines provide single and three-phase electrical power, 170 – 300 A for single-current or alternating current arc welding. The drive motor is a four-stroke motor, resulting in long life and economical operation.

continuous temperature control

Clip-On Cooling Aggregator

Devices specially designed for refrigeration, cold chambers or other temperature control of equipment rooms.

In the case of refrigeration units, particular attention must be paid to both ventilation and positioning.

non-stop operation

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Sometimes it is necessary to bridge the ramp-up time of the generator aggrator. This is the purpose of our range of uninterruptible power supplies. They are particularly important when a continuous power supply is essential in critical areas.

We offer UPS equipment in various sizes, suitable for different applications and with different power ratings, including industrial areas from 10 to 800kVA.

reliability is important

Energy storage equipment

In 2022, our company started the distribution, installation and operation of residential and industrial energy storage systems in Hungary.

Currently available applications and performances:

  • Residential 5-30kVA (Energy Storage)
  • Industrial use 30-1500kVA (Energy Storage)
  • Industrial use 30-1500kVA (Energy booster)

reliability is important

Used generators

We offer a wide range of used generators in different sizes and power outputs. We can provide a continuously used generator set for practically any need.

Our staff can provide you with information on the used generators currently available.

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