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How to find the right product?

How to choose?

Before you choose a generator, it’s a good idea to seek professional help to ensure that you choose the best solution for you and your business. There can be huge differences between products, and with hundreds of different products on the market, it is always worth clarifying the parameters you need and expect in advance.

Agricultural solutions

Tractor generators

There is also a significant need for aggregators in agriculture, but in many cases it is not possible to buy a complete generator.

Tractor generators offer a cost-effective solution to this problem, as they can replace the diesel engine of the generator set, which is one of the most expensive components of a generator.

Tractor-mounted generator sets are driven by the tractor’s PTO shaft. The connection to these generators is made via the tractor’s output shaft. They can be transported by motor vehicle and taken to areas where there is no electricity.

The tractor generators can be used in both 1 and 3 phase operation.

For agriculture, fisheries and other electricity supply tasks

What to know about our tractor generators?

We also have considerable experience in the agricultural sector. We sell a large number of factory-built gearboxes with 3000/1500 rpm generator | 360-440 rpm tractor drive.

Thanks to exclusively Italian gearboxes and Italian alternators, the price is combined with perfect quality!

As the high price of high performance generators is determined by the diesel engine that drives the power unit, replacing the engine will result in significant cost savings. This ensures a back-up electricity supply at a low investment cost.

Our company offers tractor-driven generators from 5kVA to 130kVA.

The generator set is equipped with overload protection, voltmeter, frequency meter.

2-pole winding / 3000 rpm
4-pole winding / 1500 rpm

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How to find the right product?

Tractor generators

The table below shows the generators we offer. By clicking on the last column of the table you can download/open the technical data sheet of the specific model, which contains all the important parameters of the product. For any questions, please contact our colleagues.

ModellkVakWTermék adatlap
VG 10 TCS108
VG 15 TCS1512
VG 20 TCS2016
VG 25 TCS2520
VG 30 TCS3024
VG 42 TCS4233,6
VG 50 TCS5040
VG 60 TCS6048
VG 70 TCS7056
VG 85 TCS8568