if even a momentary loss of power is unacceptable

Uninterruptible power supplies

UPS equipment for industrial, commercial or utility use

constant power supply

What is an uninterruptible power supply for?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that is connected between a power source (e.g. a mains power supply or a generator) and a consumer (e.g. a computer). The UPS prevents the device from failing or shutting down due to a power failure.

An uninterruptible power supply is needed when a momentary power failure is not possible. This can happen for a variety of reasons, whether it is human life (in hospital equipment or even in air and rail transport), animal life, or significant business damage or loss caused by even a one-second power failure.

So when constant power supply is a must, an uninterruptible power supply is the only solution.

USPs are also needed if you have a generating set as an emergency power source, but this has a run-up time that must be taken into account. This ramp-up time is not feasible for all activities, in which case it is necessary to integrate an uninterruptible power supply into the system.

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Why is an uninterruptible power supply useful?

Could save lives

In cases where even the shortest power outage can be dangerous, it is critical to provide an adequate uninterruptible power supply.

Added security

It provides power even if for some reason the generator is not capable of delivering enough power in time.

Avoid data loss

It saves us from business difficulties due to loss of information caused by power cuts.