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Welding generators

For construction and maintenance companies


How to choose?

Before choosing a generator, it’s a good idea to seek professional help to ensure that you pick the best solution for you and your business. There can be huge differences between products, and with hundreds of different products on the market, it is always worth clarifying the parameters you need and look for expect advance.

For construction and maintenance companies

Our welding generatosr

Welding generators are excellent for use in construction and maintenance companies. They are compact, lightweight machines with considerable electrical and welding power.

The machines provide single and three-phase electrical power, 170 – 300 A for single-current or alternating current arc welding. The drive motor is a four-stroke engine, resulting in long life and economical operation.

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Our welding generator line-up

The table below shows the generators we offer. By clicking on the last column of the table you can download/open the technical data sheet of the specific model, which contains all the important parameters of the product. For any questions, please contact our colleagues.