New and used power generators in stock

Our company’s new and used equipment can be found at the Érdi-Diósdi sites, which can be used immediately at the customer’s service.

(We reserve the right to make changes!)


Tractor generator with PTO drive

Generators with agricultural tractor propulsion.

If you have a tractor, we recommend the purchase of a special tractor generator designed for this purpose, which is currently available from our company in the power range of 10-130kVA.

It greatly reduces the cost that the customer does not need to buy a power generator with a drive motor, so you can get a power generator 60% cheaper at 100kVA power!

Adapted to the rainproof IP44 design for different applications, those with a transformer excitation below 40kVA and an electronic voltage regulator (AVR).

Welding Generator Sets

Choose the Welding Power Generator that suits you best.

HONDA and SUBARU petrol-powered welding current generators are excellent for use in construction and maintenance companies. Compact, lightweight machines with significant electrical and welding power. The machines provide single and three-phase electricity, allowing 170 – 300 A single-current or alternating current arc welding. The drive engine is a four-stroke Honda gasoline engine, which results in long life and economical operation.


Power generation accessories sold or manufactured by our company. Automations, controllers, regulators, switch cabinets, fuel supply systems, heat storage devices, remediators, lightweight weather protection structures, everything you need for power generators!

Special Generators

Special diesel power generator for trucks, and other extreme installation sites!

The following boxed units are recommended for trucks, and other delivery vehicles where the unit cover is exposed to extreme weather conditions. The machine unit is delivered without a battery or fuel tank, as both vehicles can be found on the transport vehicles, which significantly reduces the weight of the machine unit! Depending on the customer’s needs, it can be made of zinc-coated, galvanized or acid-resistant (stainless steel) coating! All units comply with the IP23 standard! The built-in motor control electronics can also be operated remotely!

Clip On Generator Set

The “Clip On” Generator Set is designed to clip on to the front frame of a refrigerated container. The water cooled diesel generator can provide continuous (single voltage) electrical power to intermodal refrigerated containers. This unit is self contained with an integral fuel tank combined with engine, generator, battery and all operating controls.