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Custom manufacturing

When special requirements are needed, we  provide a customized power supply solution.

Providing energy

When is a custom generator really required?

In many cases, a specific power development solution may be needed. The most common reasons are

  • there is a specific energy need, or
  • the site of the installation is limited in size, or
  • the built environment has specific noise and vibration attenuation needs.

Whatever the challenge, we have a solution

We are proud to say that with more than 20 years and countless successful projects behind us, we are able to

  • design a device that meets your needs to the fullest,
  • carry out any related development,
  • build and test it in our own production hall,
  • deliver to site (even to extreme locations)
  • install it and
  • offer regular maintenance.

This enables us to offer our partners a complete service in the field of generating sets.

sufficient experience

We know what we are doing

The specificity of individual projects is that there are always special needs that are different from the „norm”.

The expertise of a company can be measured precisely by the speed, efficiency and quality with which it can respond to these specific needs.

We are proud of the fact that an increasingly wide range of returning clients rely on our expertise, because our experience and know-how means we know exactly what we do and why we do it. As a result, we can confidently undertake new and new custom-built generator sets because we can provide a solution to almost any need that arises.

How we work?

Thorough needs assessment

The secret to the success of any unique project is a thorough and accurate needs assessment.

Részeletes tervezés

Designing a generator that perfectly meets your specific needs.

Manufacture of generator

We produce your specific generator set in first class quality.

On-site installation

Delivery of the device to site, commissioning and testing.

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