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Regular maintenance tasks for installed electricity suppliers

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What is maintenance?

Like all equipment, aggregators need regular maintenance to ensure that they can continue to perform their functions reliably. Without this, the aggregator will fail sooner or later (because it contains rotating and wear parts, oil, etc.).

Planned maintenance will prevent the majority of failures and ensure the equipment’s operation.

We have been providing contract maintenance services for generating sets for over 20 years. Because we know the equipment inside out, we can give you an accurate estimate of the amount of maintenance that a given product and type will require at the specified usage intervals.

Our expertise is demonstrated by the fact that we also carry out official warranty service and maintenance for many world brands (EMSA, ENERGY, CGM ITALY).

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Who is it for?

We offer our generator maintenance service to practically everyone who uses a generator and wants to keep it in good condition and working order. This is especially true for companies and institutions where the equipment is used

  • high operating hours
  • the number of operating hours is low or the aggregator is only used in stand-by mode, but when it is needed, its correct operation is critical (e.g. health care facilities, animal farms, etc.)

Why is maintenance servicing beneficial?

Assured operation

Without regular maintenance, it is only a matter of time before the device fails.

As a result a malfunctioning aggregator can lead to a reduction in production time or, in the worst case, to more serious human and material losses.

Cost efficiency and longer lifetime

In the long run, regular maintenance will not only keep your equipment operating, but also avoid high repair costs due to breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance.

Priority attention

Our contracted maintenance customers get priority attention, which means we can start necessary unscheduled repairs and troubleshooting sooner than others (depending on the contract, this can start within 3 hours anywhere in Hungary).

Problems detected in time

All equipment that contains rotating parts requires regular servicing.

Through maintenance, it is possible to determine more accurately when and what kind of service is needed, which can prevent major problems.


The warranty for generators is only valid in case of regular maintenance, so in case of any failure, if the device has not been professionally and verifiably maintained before, it can be costly to repair.

Predictable costs

Maintenance allows costs to be scheduled in advance, including necessary ‘unplanned’ repairs, because they can be seen well in advance.

This means that the operator is much less likely to face an unexpected major expense.

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What is included?

Our maintenance service includes:


On-site inspection

Includes on-site inspection of the generator. The number of checks will be contractually agreed. This may be at fixed intervals (2 to 24 times a year) or based on the running performance of the machine.


Scheduled maintenance

During on-site inspections, we carry out pre-planned maintenance tasks and replace the necessary parts. During the inspection, we will assess the condition of the equipment and inform you if further – unplanned – repairs are required.


Priority service

In the event of a breakdown, we will start repairing the device within the timeframe specified in the contract (up to 3 hours, anywhere in the country). In some cases, we will also provide a replacement machine.


0-24 hours customer service

We have a 0-24 hours hotline 365 days of the year, so you can call us any time. Our customer service team and an on-call service team is always there to help.

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